Can you see the gaps?


In the voids inside my mind
There’s an ocean, deep and dark
At the bottom of the ocean
There’s reflections of the stars

If you can see the stars
At the bottom, in the deep
If you can see the rainbows
That even the sun can’t reach

If you can see me dancing
Unaware of being watched
If you can see the world
Before a mind, before a thought

If you see distant reflections
Of reflections, of reflections
And if you can see the deep, the dark
The silence between worlds

If you can see the void
That stands in front of me
If you can see how full it is
And how empty it can be

If you see what it’s like
To not know at thirty
What they knew at three

But to know things
And to see things
That nobody else can see

Then maybe, just maybe
I can see you
And you can see me

5 responses »

  1. {{{Virtual Deep Hugs!}}}

    Such lovely descriptions!

    “But to know things/And to see things/That nobody else can see
    “Then maybe, just maybe/I can see you/And you can see me”
    Yes. This. So many times this.

    :) tagAught

  2. Fantastic poem. Thanks for sharing it. :)

    BTW, I sent a few anon asks to your other blog (I think I signed them as LW or Littlewolf in the ask box) but didn’t see them posted, and wanted to apologize if I mistakenly said something hurtful.

  3. ok I have been able to “get to know” a couple of “autistic” children, ( i put in quotes because I don’t really like labels as it separates us. I know the characteristics, or checklist, but for so many kids I can’t really see how it applies especially after getting to know them. On another note, I feel like what I have experienced from so-called autistic people is that they are seeing things in a different way and differently than how most other people see things. I can easily see that I am not noticing or seeing what I feel that “they” are, but I think I can see that “they” are in tune with things that were different and most definately not deficient, but just different, that others do. It intrigues me. Whenever I have been one to one and have felt in a “real” situation with someone autistic (ok just 2 kids) but when I have been there with them, they have shown they were there in the moment with me, and country to stereotypes, were not NOT noticing my presence or not behaving like they weren’t there in the moment with me. . I can’t say if everyone with “autism” is like this, but after reading your poems it is confirming what I believed, that “autistic” people are seeing stuff in a different way or are in tuned with stuff that is beyond what others see. I am like this to some degree ( like I see them and then I see me and I know that others don’t see what I see, in that kind of sense–and I have always had a problem fitting in as I imagine autistic people do) but I feel like the autistic children that I have met (only 3 so I really can’t say I know) have an even more amazing awareness and I wish I could see what they can see… but your poems/writings make me feel like what I thought I saw was right and it’s different than anything like what the literature/DSM 5 puts out there. Even more I see that you can see what others see and yet you don’t relate to that but can evaluate it and at the same time have this more vast awareness.

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