I can’t do a strict comment policy with specific rules, because my brain won’t work like that. Everything depends on context. But here are some basic guidelines:

Positive comments are almost always okay.

Negative comments and disagreement are also almost always okay.

Malice is never okay, even when it tries to be sneaky and hide behind ideas like ‘disagreement’. I have no tolerance for malice and bullying. This includes malicious gossip.

Anger is okay. Attacking people in certain ways, is not okay.

There are some other things that are not okay, even when people mean well. I’ll have to deal with them as they come. This is pretty rare, though.

Obviously these things are subjective and I will make mistakes. But better have things be subjective and dependent on context, than rely on a rigid and elaborate set of rules. Rigid and elaborate sets of rules always manage to make it so that people who can ‘play the game’ do well even if they’re being horribly malicious and nasty, and people who can’t ‘play the game’ lose out even if they’re not really doing anything wrong. So I refuse to do that to people. I can’t claim that I will always catch the bad things, or that I will never accidentally censor someone for doing something that isn’t wrong. All I can do is try my best.

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  1. You say you have coined the term “aspie supremacy”, well I have coined a term of my own.
    “Neurpie”, A neurpie is an aspie who has the capability of acting like an NT/aspie interchangeably and has mostly only positive traits of both subsets.(neur)otypical as(pie)

  2. I just found your explanation of spatial thinking on autism.org. I think I think like you, and I’m really looking forward to reading more of your writing. I just figured out (at 47) that I’m autistic. For obvious reasons, I’ve been hiding it for years, and that has given me a lot of control over my life, though not always with great results.

    Anyway, the idea that other people exist who can relate with me in that way is pretty exciting. I’m glad you exist.

    Re: the previous commentor: I guess that makes me a neurpie too, but honestly it came pretty close to killing me so I wouldn’t recommend it.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and you are truly an inspiration! I do hope you get a chance to see this comment, I see its been a while since your last posting. I am in the process of being diagnosed with gastroparisis.I am currently overweight and I do feel the burden of questions I get from people about why I can’t loose weight even though I don’t eat much. It was nice to hear you defend us that are overweight and provide information for those who have questions about GI problems. I do not have an account but if you would like to be penpals feel free to email me at [redacted for privacy].

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