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I have become a cyborg!!


Did the trial surgery a couple weeks ago, and did the full surgery this morning.

I now have an implant that zaps my muscles in some way I don’t fully understand, to stop my urethra spasming so I can urinate. And it’s working extremely well most of the time and moderatelycwell the rest of the time. I’d forgotten what normal urination felt and sounded like. (And yes I tried other treatments before going to this.)

I now have a remote control with a receiver in my butt of all places.

It’s going to take awhile to recover from the surgery though. The pain isn’t too bad (surgical pain is usually less painful than several of my chronic pain conditions). But bodies don’t differentiate between surgery and being stabbed, and I’m on megadoses of antibiotics, and anesthesia makes me weird for at least a few days. Not to mention that my body is trying to figure out what the implant is doing inside of it. I hadn’t recovered from the surgery to put the test wire in by the time they did this surgery, so figure on me being blech for awhile (and I had to promise the doctor I wouldn’t do all the bending and lifting and crap I did after the last one).

If I don’t moderate comments very fast, this will be why. Then again I’m lying around not doing much so maybe I’ll do it more.