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This character (the female one, Jordan) is based largely on a real person (not autistic that I know of), whose friends apparently turned around in the theater and stared at her when the movie (“Real Genius”) came out and this character came on screen. While the movie character wasn’t written as autistic, she was written as having some kind of explicit neurological diagnosis.

My ex (who introduced me to this movie) used to accuse me of, when able to speak, going into what he called “Jordan-mode” — I’d apparently spit out whole paragraphs rapidfire while probably ignoring about as much about social conventions as this character manages to in this scene.

(For anyone unfamiliar with the movie, it’s basically an eighties geek movie. But in many ways about the “cool” sort of geeks, at least a lot of them are, not all. There’s another character that they bully (in ways I don’t find amusing at all, no matter how much of a jerk he was at times), who exemplifies exactly what being the “uncool” geek among “cool” geeks feels like.

Yes, he’s written as doing a lot of things morally wrong. But it often seems like movies showing socially inept outcast sorts of characters write them as also mean or unethical in addition to socially inept, as a way of justifying to the viewer what the “cooler” kids, or even just the “cooler” geeks, do to them. So, if you don’t like seeing that kind of thing, or aren’t up to it, you might not want to watch the whole movie.)

Anyway, I didn’t mean to analyze the rest of the movie. I just thought Jordan might be …amusingly recognizable… to a lot of readers. :-)