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Blogger/Blogspot has an inaccessible comment mode


Arguably the biggest reason I can blog now is my iPod touch. It allows me not only to communicate in words in the offline world while lying down (impossible otherwise), thereby potentially saving my life. But it also allows me to blog and read blogs while lying down. Despite its inaccessibiloty in other areas, it is nearly perfect for someone with my particular skills and difficulties.

But then there is this new commenting mode for blogger. No matter which option I choose, if I am on my iPod I get an error. It’s the one with the pulldown menu and is the bane of my online existence. I am totally unable to comment on blogs that use it.

Taking a Third Option is one of several blogs I follow that use the evil comment mode.

Existence is Wonderful uses the most convenient of the several other options I can use. (Convenient because it doesn’t require me to be logged into blogger, which is nearly impossible ever since Google took over Blogger thereby meaning it is linked to my gmail accounts and makes life a huge hassle.)

Ones that require I log into something are somewhere in between. Because I could technically do it but inertia being what it is, don’t hold your breath. But unlike the evil comment mode, those are at least theoretically possible. I generally use the Name/URL format.

But I figured I should at least let people know of the accessibility headache that one comment mode creates for anyone who might for whatever reason find using the iPod their best bet at being online at all. Which probably includes lots of people who like me have the motor skills to use one but are frequently horizontal.