One More Picture from the Redwoods


[Image description: An old photo with yellowing borders (previously white) shows me and my brother. The background is blurred and splotchy, there seems to be a small pond and some trees. The foreground shows my brother holding me as a baby in his lap. My brother is sitting with his back along the right border, and his legs stretched out in front of him along the bottom border. He’s in shadow so you can’t really see any features, and he’s wearing a baseball cap, an orange-pink-looking t-shirt, and brown boots. I’m sitting on his lap. I’m also mostly in shadow, but you can see a white bonnet with little red flowers or something on it, and what looks like a blue sweatshirt. My arms are out to the sides.]

After I made my last post, my mom thought she remembered another photo from the Mother Tree, of my brother holding me while sitting on one of its big roots. So she dug around and found this and emailed it to me. Apparently the Mother Tree is just out of sight of the picture, and she remembered more about the environment the picture was taken in than the picture itself. But she says she still gets the same sense of tranquility from the photo that she remembers from the Mother Tree.

I would probably put it differently than ‘tranquility’ (or rather I’d fumble around and not be able to figure out what to call it at all), but I’m pretty sure I know what she’s getting at. I’ve never seen anyone meet this tree and come away with anything but respect. It’s got a real presence to it that includes all kinds of qualities, layered on top of each other, that are difficult to put into words.

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  1. Yeah, it helps that my mom is a really avid photographer in general. So not only were there a lot of pictures, but many of them were pretty high quality and people are often impressed by them.

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