Daily Archives: June 16, 2011

Wheelchair coverings


It’s getting really hot out. And for a heat-sensitive person there’s very little worse than being in hot weather in an all-black wheelchair. So I decided to cover as many surfaces as possible on my new manual chair, with a very much non-black fabric. Here are the results:

My manual wheelchair from the front.

My manual wheelchair from the side.

[Photos show a manual wheelchair, first from the front view and then from a side view with the seat tilted back. The base of the wheelchair is purple. The seat, back, headrest, armrests, thigh guards, and leg rests are covered in a fabric that’s light blue with white clouds and white butterflies, and glitter.]

I ended up covering the cushion, the back rest, the headrest, the armrests, the thigh guards, and the leg rests with this fabric. I am completely unable to sew, so I did this all with scissors and an entire pack of safety pins. (Being careful when doing the cushion, that I poked the safety pins into the outer fabric cover, not into the gel.)

This is how I look right now:

Fey on my lap, with me looking exhausted.

[Image shows me and Fey. I’m flushed and generally inert-looking, and Fey is standing on my lap looking to the side.]

Because I’m completely exhausted to the point of nausea, which is never a good sign (although I wasn’t feeling great when I started). The bipap I’m using for central/obstructive sleep apnea has certainly increased my stamina, but not by this much. I’m now resting in order to get up the stamina to get in bed, which is another bad sign.