Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

Unpigmented hair!


Yes, I have more substantial posts planned, but for now…

one white hair on a background of black hair

several white hairs on a background of black hair

These photos show that I have just found my first white hairs! It was quite startling at first (I didn’t realize that it often happens around the age of thirty, which is exactly my age), but now I am eager to get more of them. I think unpigmented hair is cool-looking and it has an interesting texture too. I always said I was looking forward to getting grey hair. And people told me I’d be really freaked out by it when the time came because they symbolize mortality to people on a gut level. But I’m not freaked out. I just think it’s cool. At first I thought it was only one hair, but then I looked around and found some more. (My hair is so dense that it’s easy for single hairs and even small bald spots to hide just depending on the position of the hair.) Maybe I’ll decide to keep my hair for awhile so I can look for more of them. If anything I find this exciting. Then again I’ve been excited by life lately in general, and any little discovery is even more exciting.