Daily Archives: January 18, 2011

Fusion: Cheap AAC


I’m always on the lookout for cheap AAC devices, because not everyone has insurance, not all insurance covers AAC, not everyone has a diagnosis, and tons of other reasons. I saw a Fusion being used today and wanted to send out the link to anyone who might need it. At $339 it’s cheaper than what I often use (an iPod Touch/Proloquo2Go combination, which is more powerful than a Fusion, in fact more powerful than devices I have seen at way higher prices). The text to speech is not as good as some I’ve heard, but not anywhere near as bad as some things I’ve heard for three times the cost. You can hear a sample if you click this link and scroll down the page to the link saying “Click here to hear it!” Anyway the Fusion looks a lot like a Link Plus but has a much better voice from what I could hear. (The Link Plus DECtalk is actually worse than the older DECtalk voices.) I don’t know a lot about the screen other than that it’s one of those basic black on grey LCD displays.

So here’s a link to the Fusion itself for anyone who is interested.