Daily Archives: May 23, 2010



There, maybe now that it’s in big bold letters people will listen.

I left the Hub last November and wrote this post explaining why.

I have had, and wanted, nothing to do with it since then. Heck, I have wanted nothing to do with it since a long time before that and stuck around from pure inertia.

I am not part of the committee that runs it. I am somewhat annoyed at the committee who runs it (and I don’t know or care who they are) for listing my blog there again, despite my previous posting about why I didn’t want to be there. They assumed I would want to come back as soon as the Hub was under new management. As if that was my problem with it. All the problems I listed in my post remain problems and may always be problems no matter who runs it.

Some of the problems I listed are problems that come up in most groups. There is a reason I am not part of most groups (and any groups I remain part of, my participation is generally pretty dormant, aside from one I just remembered that remains blissfully drama-free and is quite task-focused rather than nebulous).

I am not part of the group even in any casual manner. In fact, at this point I can’t think of anyone I interact with regularly on a casual basis who is a Hub member. Not that there’d be anything wrong if they were. There just aren’t.

I really, really loathe both formal and informal groups that attempt to function like Hotel California (“You can check out any time you want but you can never leave”). Because I don’t at this point want to be associated with any group at all. But there are a couple groups that have never accepted my leaving or where others outside of them have never accepted my leaving. And that’s not okay. Groups you can’t leave no matter what you do are my worst nightmare.

*sigh* I don’t mind the existence of groups. I don’t mind other people being in groups. But at this point in my life group membership feels like entanglement and strings attached. If I have a goal in common with a group that I feel strongly about I will work with it when necessary and then part ways. There’s nothing about the Hub that I feel that strongly about, and I’ve always been bothered by the concept of Hub As Group instead of Hub As Blogring anyway. When I joined it was a blogring, when it became something else I wanted out.

So this isn’t about unwillingness to work with people or groups. It’s about unwillingness to join groups. It’s about a loathing of places with entanglements and strings attached no matter how much or how little they may appear to have things in common with me. It’s about being sick of being pigeonholed as an autism blogger or something else like that when I’m an ethical/political blogger who happens to be autistic among many other things. It’s about everything else I wrote about in my old post when I left, and much more of the same general sort. It’s about being a human being and not a stereotype, not even a beneficial seeming one.

Do I hate communities? No. But I hate groupthink and other cognitive warpage that sometimes springs up in them. I hate when I feel like an individual interacting with a group of other individuals, but other people insist on acting like I’m a representative of the group or like we are all identical.

So, basically, no. I am not part of the Hub. I never again will be part of the Hub. No matter how the administration changes. And I am not even part of the Hub in an informal sort of way. I’m just not. Period. And I am the only person in the world who gets to decide what I am and am not part of, and what that means to me.

Comments are disallowed because I don’t want to discuss this, I just want it known. Having it ignored is aggravating enough, I don’t really want to go through all the social crap that transpires after statements like this, I haven’t got the energy (less than usual, even).