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Stuff I’ve been reading.


I am still in a mode where my brain is prepared to take in much more than it is prepared to spit out in the form of useful words, and I am still unaware of when this is going to change. However, I have for once been doing some reading of other blogs (including some fairly old stuff people have written), and therefore have links to various posts I find especially good or interesting:

At The Perorations of Lady Bracknell, there is a post called Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. If you’ve ever been tempted to think, “the social model of disability says that impairments aren’t ever a problem,” or “the medical model of disability is the stuff doctors ought to be dealing in,” try to read this post. (Well, even if you haven’t, it’s a good post.)

The owner of Existence Is Wonderful has just rescued two feral kittens, and she and I have been using online chats to give each other the play-by-play on what our cats are doing, even when they’re sleeping (at which point we do things like try to figure out the exact genes that caused their coloring or something else like that; cats are among our oldest special interests so we never get bored). She has written a great post called October 16 is National Feral Cat Day, which goes into a great deal of detail about feral cats in general, and feral cats she’s dealt with in particular, and… cats in general.

From Urocyon’s Meanderings is a post called Snakes and Boogers, Boogers and Snakes. It’s about the effects on her and her family to this day of generations (starting at least in the 1700s) of kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of American Indian women and children. And then Weight Changes, Illness, and Diabulimia, which deals with all the things in the title, plus discussions of how medicalized fatphobia combines with racism, sexism, ableism, etc., in the author’s life.

At Turner and Kowalski there’s a post called What kind of a blog is this anyway? Their description pretty nearly fits the outlook I bring to this blog, although I’d never have come up with the words they used and my style is utterly and totally different from theirs. (And I’d probably have added something about the fact that my talents lie in describing specific situations as from my particular ethical perspective, but that the core of what I am applying to that situation, is something that I intend to be read as applicable to a much wider variety of situations than the one I happen to have written about.)

From FWD/Forward, there’s a post called The Negative Side of Positive Thinking. This is about the scary/disgusting/dangerous flipside of the BS that is “The Secret,” the “Law of Attraction”, etc. (Otherwise known as the Just-world phenomenon, otherwise known as if you’re oppressed or sick or in any other bad situation then it’s your own damn fault for being too negative.)

From Wheelchair Dancer is Butch/Femme — Crip. About how disability meshes with gender and sexuality, and other people’s perceptions of the author in these areas.

From Shakesville is Soaking in Normalcy Fetishism, or: The Unmiseducation of a Fatasspie. Which… hmm. Some parts made me go ‘meh’, but as a whole is very interesting. A combination of a person’s adult diagnosis of Asperger’s, and her growing realization of how messed up what she calls Normalcy Fetishism is.

From Rolling Around in My Head, Your Daughter made me cry. All the things that the author has seen in a woman that her parents, who abandoned her, may never see.

And now my eyes won’t point in the same direction, so I’m going to end this post.