Monthly Archives: December 2008 needs donations.

Standard needs donations again. Right now it’s being operated out of the pocket of a couple people on disability payments, which isn’t a lot. We’re already paring down everything else we can (Second Life, etc) to keep up with the current economic crisis. We’re getting no other money right now. If we want to stay up (especially in high-bandwidth time periods), we are going to need help with it.

There’s paypal and other methods of paying on the front page of the site.

(As usual lately, there are a lot of offline reasons that I haven’t been posting a lot and have even been having trouble even keeping up with the comments. I know some people’s comments are being thrown into the spamfilter and I’m doing my best to retrieve those when able to keep up with the comments at all. I’m operating at full energy capacity at all times lately, so if I’m not getting to something, that’ll be why.)