Daily Archives: June 29, 2008

apology/retraction re: autism speaks t-shirt scandal thing


A few entries back I talked about Autism Speaks trying to censor someone’s t-shirt. Turns out that there was some kind of complicated mixup, and the problem was actually Zazzle overinterpreting a complaint about a different shirt or something. I’ll also add a link at the beginning of my other post, to this post. At any rate, consider this a retraction and apology.

Additionally, if anyone wonders why I didn’t immediately do something when this was figured out — I still don’t know entirely what was figured out. I just know something was. I have been away from home for a week, only now have access to a fully functional computer again, do not yet have a fully-functioning brain, and have not even looked at (much less read) my email since I left home a week ago. I stumbled across a retraction by someone else minutes ago and have immediately written this post.

But, for anyone who actually can make good sense of everything they read right now, here is Zach’s post about the whole thing. At any rate, I’m sorry to Autism Speaks for assuming you were doing this sort of thing again, and to anyone else who might’ve gotten that idea from what I wrote. And I’m very glad Zazzle has been willing to finally clear up whatever really happened — which seemed to be an employee somehow misinterpreting something by Autism Speaks and thinking it was about Zach’s shirt when it wasn’t.

Please post corrections in comments if I got anything wrong about this. I’m going on three hours of sleep after a week of conference, which is not good for my comprehension and judgment abilities. Also, if you have posted anywhere about this as a result of what I or someone else wrote, please post your own retractions and apologies wherever you did that, so that other people don’t think this really happened when it didn’t. Just because you don’t like a person or organization doesn’t mean it’s okay to let misinformation stand when you know it’s false, so please spread the word.