Daily Archives: February 26, 2008

Some quick corrections and clarifications.


There is not a lot I needed to correct or clarify, but there is a little bit.

In the Wired article, I’m described as cueing up a video. It can be inferred that it is a video I made, but it’s not, it is a video made by ChristSchool, and it is this one:

Then there was a quote attributed to me at one point, that actually belongs to D.J. Savarese. I was telling the reporter a story about how when Savarese was interviewed on CNN, he was asked whether he thought autism ought to be treated, and he said, “Yes, treated with respect.” That quote is attributed to me in the article, when really I was telling a story about what someone else said, and did say clearly that it was D.J. Savarese who said it.

I am guessing that both of these things have to do with the fact that the reporter’s tape recorder broke and did not record the interview as planned, so he was going off of notes, which probably involved writing down the words but assuming the tape recorder would pick up the exact names of the sources or something.

Another thing slightly off is the amount of time it said I spent on the Internet. I was emailed and asked about that, and I said sometimes I spend a lot of time, and sometimes I spend very little to no time. I am guessing that the “scary amount of time” part fits in better with geek culture. ;-)

But I do spend a fair amount of time offline, in reality: I have obligations in the rest of the world too, given that I have a neighbor I go over and assist with a time-consuming medical device on a near-nightly basis, a volunteer job involving cats (who don’t have net access) that I sometimes do often and sometimes barely at all depending on what I’m capable of, a cat and dog living with me who want to spend time with me, and a fair degree of exhaustion just getting through everyday stuff (I can get online from bed, but don’t always do so).

None of this is to say I don’t like the article, I just don’t want people to mistakenly attribute other people’s quotations and work to me in the process.