Daily Archives: December 9, 2007

Personalish update stuff


I’m feeling a fair bit better. The combination of Lyrica and Trileptal is doing something strange, which is that even though they’re causing the usual drowsiness, exhaustion, and double vision, they’re also making me think and translate to words clearer. Also meaning that even if I fall asleep in the middle of a sentence, I’m still more likely to write what I was meaning to write. And that thoughts stay put more often and don’t need to be forcibly shoved into place. And the seizures I was having from the pain meds have vanished, and some of the pain is also lessened. I also don’t get a weird feeling whenever I step under fluorescent lights, although I still don’t like them.

My mother is here:

My mom, my dog, and me sitting on the couch

She’s going to stay here until I get a little bit more adjusted to the meds, since right now I’m falling asleep all the time and falling over when I try to walk and so forth. (But I’d still rather stay the way I am now and just adjust to it, than be without the side-effects but also with all the pain and thinking restored to how it was before. One of those weird tradeoffs.)

I’ve got a lot of ideas for posts, I’m just waiting to have the energy to post them. I’m for once fairly confident I’ll be able to write them once I do have the energy, though.