Daily Archives: November 30, 2007

Die, nerves, die. :-P


Just a note to say I went to get my nerves killed today. It’ll take at least a week for them to completely die off. And it’s apparently just the pain nerves, so I’ll still have sensation in that side of my face.

Which means I can finally go back on the two different pain meds that I hadn’t been allowed before the procedure.

And my mom’s coming out to help me out in the meantime.

Fortunately they didn’t use as much local anesthetic this time (or else it just wasn’t too effective), which meant that the procedure hurt more but also that I’ve experienced none of the immense shock of the local anesthetic wearing off that I experienced the last two times. The procedure can’t hurt more than some of the things the nerves were doing on their own, so it wasn’t that big a deal.

From what I’m seeing on the net, the nerves eventually do grow back, but often without pain returning.