Daily Archives: August 31, 2007

The requested cat/theremin video


Since someone requested it:

I tried to caption it, but I’m not sure how much information I managed to convey.

Since various people have been asking, what’s been going on is:

1. Visitor was here for 8 days, nearly all waking hours spent with her
2. Too many physical therapy appointments (and plenty of associated pain afterwards as far as I can tell)
3. Too many urgent-care appointments, both for me and a neighbor (for different reasons)
4. Too many meetings
5. Still trying to work on the cat video
6. Trying to plug very slowly through at least a bare minimum of online obligations as well as anything random I come across online
7. Offline volunteer work
8. Recovering from #1-7

This hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging, answering emails, etc, although I’ve been doing some of these things erratically. I lost my wireless card so any emails to my MIT account probably aren’t getting through either. If anyone’s sent anything to that account that’s urgent, please send it to my regular email account and I’ll attempt to get to it (anyone who has the MIT address also has the other as far as I know).