Daily Archives: July 21, 2007

My clumsy attempt to talk about wide-scale American politics.


I don’t usually post about large-scale electoral-type politics on this blog. I follow it, but it’s one of those topics that I have more understanding of than capability of writing about. The number of those topics far outstrips the number of topics I actually can write about, giving the illusion that I only know things about a narrow range of topics (the ones I can write about). I can write about parts of my internal workings because I’ve had to learn that one out of necessity. I can write certain things about human rights, particularly about applying general ethical principles to specific situations.

People who know me well know this discrepancy exists. One friend told me it’s like I’ve got all kinds of things somewhere in my brain, but unless you hit on the exact right thing to get them out, they stay in there unless you know what to look for. One thing that might not be obvious is I’ve learned a lot of history, both from books and from people. I can note the general shapes and patterns of things. There’s very few people I generally trust enough to fumble for words about these things around, though. And half the time they have to know what I’m getting at before they understand my assorted fumblings. At any rate, if you think all I am or all I care about is what I write here, you’re missing a lot of my life, some of which I don’t talk about because it’s not relevant to my reasons for blogging, but some of which I don’t talk about because I can’t.

Another autism blogger recently posted this clip (I don’t remember who or I’d credit them). I know some of my readers won’t like the source. But in my view the stuff that’s going on in America right now isn’t about liberal or conservative or other political ideologies — Bush et al aren’t acting on any sort of system of ethics or politics I’ve ever heard of, they’re acting on greed and selfishness, and that should be a concern to anyone. I’m going to do what I usually do when I don’t know all the words for something and pull a Mrs. Who, quote someone else:

(not captioned, but transcript available here)

Anyway, since that clip happened, there’s been even more crap going on in that regard. And I hope enough people are concerned that something gets done about this.

This concludes my clumsy attempt to talk about wide-scale American politics. This is not my typical subject but what’s going on in this country has been outrageous for a long time and I’m glad people who do know how to say things are saying them. I just wish the people in particular positions of power would do so rather than succumb to their own varieties of selfishness.