Daily Archives: July 18, 2007

Strange search engine phrases.


Bev just posted some search engine phrases used to get to her blog. Here’s some of mine.

Lots of people looking for stuff about blowing noses:

can’t blow nose
videos of blowing your nose
blowing noses
nose blowing
loud nose blowing women
do you remember learning to blow your nose
blowing my nose video

The hamster people:

how to make my hamster smile?
can a hamster laugh?
hamster body language
hamster bleeds
sign of a dead hamster

A few people looking for assholes:

assholes who communicate indirectly
autistic assholes

People who really hate Menninger’s:

i hate menninger
fuck menninger

Uh… female exams:

female exam
physical female exam video
fantasy female doctor exam
female fantasy of dotor exam

Who knows:

stratified something
real life pictures of crypto animals
when do octopus sleep?
stop eyeballing me private
pinpong in my mouth

I don’t entirely want to know:

real rape kitchen video
how to write threatening email without being caught
i’m a bad guy and innocent
what are some good probing personal questions
photoes of various illness of ass in females and treatement of ass of females by doctors
women naked sexing men
vomiting dog video
pictures of eyeballs out of there sockets
breast penis size in siblings

(edited to add) And from last month, in no particular order:

children who express the desire to kill their siblings
staring at the bridge of the nose
amazing randi idiot
i have thoughts of killing my kids
dead bunny power tool
purple lips on autistics
what did you have to do to be punished in medieval times
lesbian suffocate her with plastic bag
fat people doing sex
tarred and feathered medieval women withholding
being asked to give head
how to build a phone out of cups
is my hamster dying
i am a nice loving person
more accepted burping
i think spirits are taking my forks and spoons
great people dont do things differently
extreme private self mutilation pics
how can i stand out to people instead of always being the person in the background
hamster is crying
is criticizing partner penis size dangerous for relationship?
how to dispose dead hamster
sordid blanket
can a retard play chess
vomiting dog video