Daily Archives: July 17, 2007

Plugging the daily living group just in case Joel’s plug isn’t enough. :-P


My friend Joel recently told me he wanted to start a group for autistic people dealing with daily living crap. I told him I had for awhile wanted to start a group for autistic people who have (or need) support services for helping us out with daily living crap. We figured we’d instead co-moderate a group broad enough to encompass both things and more, and this is the result (Joel started it and wrote the description, everything from here on out is the same as he wrote in his blog except with the names reversed):

Autistic Daily Living is a new group to discuss challenges (and hopefully some solutions) for daily living. Joel is helping me co-moderate this group.

The full description of the group:

This group will focus on issues relating to daily living needs for autistic adults, in an environment that is positive towards autism. Many of us have significant and real trouble with things like housing, eating, obtaining services, communication, cleanliness, work, access to medical care, finances, transportation, and other “basic” parts of life that are taken for granted by most of the neurotypical world. The group will be a safe place for autistic people to discuss troubles in these areas, without fear of being judged as “lazy” (as a result, people who think autistic people just need to “try harder” probably should find a different list). It will also focus on solutions to these problems that don’t involve loss of basic freedoms – solutions discussed might include: how might someone in New York state obtain help cleaning their house, for instance? Or what can be done for an autistic person in Germany who has not eaten in 2 weeks since his mother has died? What might someone do to prepare for a job interview? How can someone get rid of an abusive personal aide? What options are there other than institutions for me? Additionally focus will also include discussion of things that may not currently be possible, but might be able to come into being – how might we get governments and insurance to fund communication systems for people who only need them some of the time? What might an autistic “intentional community” look like? How might an employer create an environment that favors autistic people?

All are welcome to participate in this group, regardless of diagnosis (or lack of). Non-autistic people are welcome to give helpful suggestions and otherwise participate. Note however that this is not a support group for parents of autistic children and that most of us, despite having trouble with daily living, do not view autism as a negative thing.

So feel free to head over and join the new group, whether you need help or you think you might be able to help others figure things out. The group won’t focus exclusively on either people who receive support services or those who don’t – it is intended to be a place for a wide chunk of the autistic population.