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Kassiane needs help.


Kassiane, a.k.a. Rett Devil, has been an online friend and advocate for a long time. She is in a lot of trouble at the moment. This video explains it. It’s basically an emergency situation and she needs money for meds to keep her from going into status epilepticus among other things (edited to add: status epilepticus means having seizures back to back without regaining consciousness):

A friend of mine transcribed the video (which I did not make, by the way) as this, for those of us who can’t read that fast:

Kassianne is severely epileptic and has lost her health coverage, due to an act of fraud performed by her former housemate out of spite.

She is running dangerously low on Topamax, Neurontin, and Keppra, without which she will most likely die of status epilepticus.

This is ‘Ask and Tell’, a book to which she contributed a chapter on self-advocacy for autistic children.

Stephen Shore, the editor who compiled the book, has stated that hers is most likely the best chapter in the entire book.

For her contribution she received


And no royalties

And the book is considered groundbreaking!

If you have money to spare, please give to Kassiane for lifesaving medicine and living expenses.

Her Paypal name is kassiane_alexandra at yahoo dot com [edited by me to avoid spam crap]

It’s a much better use of your money than giving it to Autism Speaks or a similar hate group.


You can see some of her previous public speaking at this URL. And you can see her tumbling a few years ago here:

Her paypal address is kassiane_alexandra at yahoo dot com.

Remove the spaces and turn at into @ and dot into . for that.


Arcane abacus geekery.


My brother has been into abacuses all my life. He recently told me he’d found an obscure paper from over 100 years ago on cube roots and was working on translating it to modern abacus technique. (I hadn’t known that abacus technique changes over time, but apparently it does.) He seems to have finally done so.

Anyway, this Abacus Cube Roots page is by him and someone else in his abacus group. I won’t pretend to understand it, but from what he’s said about working it out, it sounds pretty impressive and like something he’s been trying to get right for a long time.

And I somehow figure that given the sorts of people who read my blog, some of you might just find this interesting. ;-)

(Edited to add: Shane suggested Totton’s home page as a good place to start if you’re looking for more basic information than the advanced cube root stuff, and also apparently keys to the diagrams.)