Daily Archives: July 6, 2007

Please read: urgent.


(Written by Laura Tisoncik, not me — also on the front page of autistics.org)

My Declaration of Independence

Ours is a community filled with computer geeks. I don’t, properly, happen to be one. I’m a computer-literate political organizer. Yet somehow I’ve found myself having to decipher Bind9 (I can’t), disentangle one mailsystem from another (something else I can’t do), be the lead person on computer security (another subject way over my head) and lord knows what else.

That I can’t do what I’m not trained to do and have little talent to do seems irrelevant to the rest of the community. The only problem they see is that I don’t do what they want me to do — that the scripts aren’t running right, that they don’t have feature X and feature Y, that they’ve been deprived of access to feature Z for a few hours while I go sleepless for days trying to figure out what is going wrong with Z, etc.

Well today I am declaring my independence from enslavement to this website. Either members of the community step up and do the necessary work so this website can go on without me killing myself trying to maintain it and so that I have a shred of energy left to do something I’m actually good at, or I will kill this server, this website, and everything else it hosts at the end of the July billing cycle (circa August 5th) and be done with autistics.org.

–Laura Tisoncik

(And back to something by Amanda, not Laura: Sorry to put you on the spot, but I know both of my brothers do some amount of computer stuff, one of them professionally, and I know you both read this blog, so do either of you have the kind and level of knowledge required for this?)

(Another added note: Be aware that our server includes the main part of autistics.org, this blog, the autistics.org forums, the Autism Demonized blog, Autism Network International, Asperger Association of New England, and Getting the Truth Out, among other things.)