Daily Archives: June 17, 2007

Happy Father’s Day


This video is for my dad, with a song that gave us hope in a lot of hard and scary times.

(The only reason I didn’t do something similar on mother’s day is because I hadn’t come up with the idea yet, or I’d have two of these by now.)


How to Boil Water the EASY Way


Finally I’ve actually gotten something done. I’ve been really wiped out lately and have been driving myself nuts planning videos and writing in my head and then being unable to make any of them. The following is a video that I based loosely on the How to make a phone call, in 70 easy steps post. Like that post, it’s meant to be funny but convey something real. (And since it’s YouTube I uploaded it to, I felt it necessary to point out that “funny” doesn’t mean people get a free pass on laughing at autistic people to feel superior to us or something.)

It should also prove useful for explaining this sort of thing to people who don’t grasp the idea that even when we’re getting a lot fewer results than most people, we’re working at least as hard as other people, possibly harder. And also to show in a pretty graphic way that this is not the same thing as procrastination. I don’t like or agree with the way these things are formulated medically. But I do know that when a bunch of objects are all triggering a whole lot of actions that have nothing necessarily to do with anything I’m trying to do, and I am trying to steer my way through these to get to the one thing I do want to do and then get that in the right order, while intermittently my body freezes up or sits down (either as a result of overload or pain, or just because that’s what happens), then it’s worse than useless to compare that to procrastination.

It’s also worse than useless to imply that a person who takes five hours to boil water should somehow be able obtain enough food and water to sustain themselves, as well as do all other necessary daily chores, without any assistance at all, within twenty-four hours. Even if they never slept at all and had no need to ever leave the house for any reason, there simply aren’t enough hours in a day for this.

A lot of people also assume these things have something to do with academic abilities. They have nothing to do with that. The implication is that if a person is good in school they’ll have no trouble with these things, and that if a person has great trouble with these things they won’t do well in school. The consequences of both assumptions can be devastating to the person involved.

So yeah, this is funny, and it’s intended to be, but there are a lot of serious points behind it and I hope that people catch those too.