And still no blog carnival because…


…unforeseen events happened.

Namely, my neighbor’s parrot badly mucked up the registry on her palmtop computer.

Which led to her attempting to move his stuff around so that he would not be sitting in a spot where it would not be so easy for him to muck with her computer equipment.

Which led to her calling me — I’d been asleep most of the day (because I’m still really sick) — to see if I could help her move the parrot stuff around (because she’s been sicker than I have, and I’m taller and usually have more mobility than she does).

Which led to both of us sitting there trying (both with bad respiratory bugs on top of asthma) to move stuff, both large and small, around, and to clean it while we were at it, stirring up a whole lot of dust in the process because apparently her staff don’t dust as often as they say they do.

Which led to me having the sort of asthma attack that conjures up really shallow breathing, blotchy blobs in front of my eyes, and disturbing noises in my ears (the sort of stuff that I’d normally only get from standing up too fast, only I was lying down).

Which led to me spending the rest of the evening on her couch, using a nebulizer off and on (and being told by an asthma doctor to use it twice in a row if necessary).

Which means… maybe tomorrow. And if not, I hope tomorrow’s excuse is more like yesterday’s than today’s. Anyone who said they’d be late getting submissions in should be happy at least. ;-)


About Mel Baggs

Hufflepuff. Came from the redwoods. Crochet or otherwise create constantly and compulsively. Write poetry and paint when I can. Developmentally disabled, physically and cognitively disabled. I'm not really part of any online faction or another, even ones that claim me as a member. The thing in the world most important to me is having love and compassion for other people, although I don't always measure up to my own standards there by a longshot. And individual specific actions and situations and contexts matter a lot more to me than broadly-spoken abstract words and ideas about a topic. My father died in 2014 and that has changed my life a lot in ways that are still evolving, but I wear a lot of his clothes and hats every day since he died and have shown no sign of stopping soon.

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  1. Oh, the old “my neighbor’s parrot” excuse! ;-)

    No, really, I’m sorry to hear the dust clouds conjured such a miserable asthma attack. Asthma on top of being sick on top of multiple recent dental extractions… that’s a lot. Better day tomorrow, I hope.

  2. The fact that one parrot could cause such mayhem, is pretty funny. Pets…you gotta love them!
    I am sorry, though, that both you and Laura are not feeling well.

  3. Okay. I’m finally fully awake and unlikely to suddenly doze off again like I’ve been doing all morning. Have done my two consecutive nebulizer treatments allowed for the day (because when I woke up I could barely breathe again) and now can only do them every four hours and no more consecutive ones. I’ve slept enough after that that I no longer feel (at least for the moment) like breathing is exhausting work. I am now about a third of the way through my bookmarked list of submissions, just to give people a status report here, and I’m going to try to get it done before anything else “interesting” happens to me.

  4. I went over and read the Parrots vs. Web Publishing story. Oh my is all I can say! Thanks for all the smiles you brought me today.

  5. it’s not fair to win best excuse of the week twice!
    (that is an informal award i informally give my students, to be funny. usually it’s when their exuse is the “strange but true” kind.)

    feel better soon,

  6. 1) I like your exactness in how much you state is done in comment #9.

    2) I have a friend who likes my posts on livejournal because my life makes her life look normal. And I think you have a rather interesting life!

  7. Your description of your asthma attack reminds me of when I played the tuba too hard once. I can’t remember seeing anything (my eyes may have been closed, or my vision could have fuzzed like it does when I feel faint). I heard and felt a rushing in my ears like wind and felt about to fall over. I thought I was clinging to the roof racks on my dad’s car as it was driving (something I’ve imagined doing but never done). Then I breathed again and realized I was clinging to my tuba and was in our living room.
    So those symptoms are most likely oxygen deprivation. You probably knew that anyway.

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