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…this is fairly trivial, but I’m still trying to figure out which wise-ass at CNN decided to use the instrumental part of Subterranean Homesick Alien on the introduction of the second night’s broadcast. (I’m not sure Laura figured out for awhile why I was laughing so hard within the first few seconds of the show. I still find this highly amusing.)


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Hufflepuff. Came from the redwoods. Crochet or otherwise create constantly and compulsively. Write poetry and paint when I can. Developmentally disabled, physically and cognitively disabled. I'm not really part of any online faction or another, even ones that claim me as a member. The thing in the world most important to me is having love and compassion for other people, although I don't always measure up to my own standards there by a longshot. And individual specific actions and situations and contexts matter a lot more to me than broadly-spoken abstract words and ideas about a topic. My father died in 2014 and that has changed my life a lot in ways that are still evolving, but I wear a lot of his clothes and hats every day since he died and have shown no sign of stopping soon.

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    i guess it means something when a person has the sense to say nothing to cats, and just hang out. i have been watching my husband with cats (this is first time in his life that he lives in a house with cats) and am impressed at his good instinct… way better than mine.

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    how did i miss that song’s existence?! glad to know about the joke; even if i had seen the 2nd show, which i couldn’t cos i was travelling, i wouldn’t have got it.

  3. Hello,
    Sorry I am not sure how to reach you any other way,
    I know this is off the topic of your blog….but, I have just viewed your wonderful video on YouTube, I teach families and teachers in the outer Pacific (Micronesia) and was wondering if it is possible to get a copy. In the regions I go internet is relatively new and it would be difficult to see what you have done via that mode. I think the video you created will open up many eyes.
    Thank you for sharing, you have so much to give!

  4. Well, sure … why not … you tell me for a MINUTE that Spock was not inspired by someone at least with a scorching case of Asperger’s … :)

  5. Hm, as a deaf person I would have missed that even if I had had the chance to see it :-)

    Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to ask an open question to anyone reading this who might happen to know: does CNN have a transcript of this anywhere? Or a FULLY captioned version on line? I saw the video on CNN’s web site, but only Amanda’s portion was captioned, not the questions or the narrative, so I missed all of the surrounding context.

  6. About cats — my friend had a cat that was part Siamese. When I came over (never for very long, allergic to cats, which is a pity!), M. would meow at me. A lot. So I’d either meow back or tell her she had a good point or that I was glad to hear it or…. It cracked my friend up. I was just being matter-of-fact about it, enjoying our conversations, and the cat seemed to appreciate that sort of attention from me, and amusing my friend was an added bonus.

    So, I’ll talk to cats, but don’t get all goofy about them. (Unless that counts as “goofy” somehow.)

  7. I just found your video at youtube on Friday, your blog on Saturday and today I watched the videos on CNN. What arrogance to say you are “trapped”! If you are trapped, it is by the refusal of people to deal with you as a peer… or perhaps as a superior?

    Lovely writtings… beautiful rhythmic video….

    Thank you lovely woman!

    Be well-

  8. haha..that’s hilarious. I’m glad you knew that song so you could notice it. As a non-autistic person I would have to say that I relate most to the “wierd creatures” in the song who are so caught up in their “reality” that they don’t even notice the smell of warm summer air. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and I am often so caught up in my thoughts that I forget to experience things. While I was in an intensive treatment program part of my therapy was to just spend time touching plants and noticing their textures and smells. Normally I just see a bunch of flowers and label them “flowers” without taking the time to see all the individual flowers in that bunch and all of the little details that give that word meaning. I forget that they exist without a label. While my OCD behavior is certainly on a “pathological” level, I think in many ways it is just an exaggerated version of the way most “normal” people live. It’s sad. Your way of life may not be easy in the context of our society, but at least you don’t sacrifice experience for the sake of what other people tell you is “normal”.

    I definately think radiohead didn’t write about the äliens in a derogatory way, but as more evolved creatures than the earthlings. Perhaps it wasn’t a wise-ass at CNN but rather a person who really understood the significance of your story and empathized with sentiment of feeling stuck in a world that didn’t understand the beauty of yours.

    Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

  9. @Jessica, 14: I took it in a positive sense – that the ‘wise-ass’ at CNN clicked with the story for some reason and selected a very apropos background. But then, I use wise-ass as a compliment, and I’ve discovered that that’s not all that common a usage.

  10. I meow back at my cats as well. One of them is very talkative (his grandmother appears to have had some siamese ancestry). Often he’ll come up to tell me he wants breakfast and I’ll meow back and say ‘what do you want?’ Sometimes I’ll get him to lead me to his food bowl.
    What I don’t like is when he starts scratching papers on the floor to get my attention, and then requests food. I’m worried he’ll damage the papers. Because of my new kitten, it’s very hard to keep papers off the floor, as he likes to use them as springboards for jumping around the house.

  11. Off topic for this thread, but I just came across a disturbing (though not surprising) article about people with mental illnesses in Aceh, Indonesia, some of whom where chained or locked up by their families. This was usually done in an attempt to protect them from hurting themselves.

    There is a new wave of nurses who are trying to “help” them. But one concern is that at least one nurse quoted in this article seems to assume that a man was “barely aware” she was there, apparently because he wasn’t responding to her attempts to make conversation in the way she expected.

  12. stopping by to say “Hi” as I don’t have aim or anything else here……decided to return home for break after that. Feel free to view this and delete, it’s nothing important…..


  13. i.e. man quoted: “I have medication now and no longer hear the voices. I feel much better now.”

    I presume he also feels much better now because he’s no longer chained to a tree.

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