Daily Archives: March 1, 2007

Would have written again, but…


I was just about at the point where cognitively I was getting back to normal and was starting to write the beginnings of blog posts again, and now I have caught some kind of bug. And it’s affecting asthma. And it had better not affect me as badly as the last bug I caught did, because I hate Prednisone. But I’m already back into the moderate range when I’d finally gotten myself solidly into the mild range recently (to those who asked, I now have a Honeywell air purifier in the living room, an IQ Air in the bedroom, and a Miele vacuum cleaner, all of those bought by other people that I’m very grateful to at the moment), and I’m already finding at times that breathing is about all I can concentrate on. So it looks like a lot of boring rest for awhile (and I’ll probably rest less than I should, but it’s what I’m supposed to be doing).