Now they apparently believe I have asthma, but they’re asking me to do the unthinkable.


I just got this in the mail today:

We have received the results from your lab work. The tests show significant allergy to cat and dog. You are also allergic to grass and tree pollens.

In order for your asthma symptoms to improve it is very important for you to have your animals placed in someone else’s care.

Okay, I’m also allergic to grass and tree pollens. There’s a tree outside my window, and a lawn when there’s no snow, should the landlord cut down the tree and poison the grass?

I have lived with this cat my entire adult life. She is part of my family. I love her. If I were allergic to my brother, would they have told my parents to have my brother adopted out to another family? This is a cat who, when I left her at home but in the care of a staff person she really likes, for two weeks, when I was out of town… she meowed continuously all day until she lost her voice and then kept trying to meow. We’ve lived together for seven years now. Both of us would be devastated if we were separated for too long.

I have not lived with the dog as long, but she is part of the family too now. She was neglected earlier in her life, she was found wandering around. She seemed not to believe she was going to stay with me, it took her a long time to settle in. After she had to live somewhere else while I was relocated because of concrete dust in my apartment, it took a long time to convince her again that she was living here for good. There is, again, no way that I would put her through another relocation and another set of “Is this person really going to stay with me forever?” worries on her part.

So, no, he’s going to have to find another solution, like allergy shots or something, because I’m not going to “place my animals in someone else’s care” as if they’re just disposable objects and not people.

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Hufflepuff. Came from the redwoods, which tell me who I am and where I belong in the world. I relate to objects as if they are alive, but as things with identities and properties all of their own, not as something human-like. Culturally I'm from a California Okie background. Crochet or otherwise create constantly, write poetry and paint when I can. Proud member of the developmental disability self-advocacy movement. I care a lot more about being a human being than I care about what categories I fit into.

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  1. Allergy shots help, but they take 3 to 5 years to be fully effective. I do have a great, if rather expensive alternative/adjunct to allergy shots.

    An IQAir Air Purifier. Forget the Ionic Breeze thing; they’ve performed very poorly in tests. The IQAir is $795, but worth every penny. Read more about it here:

    A very good vacuum with a HEPA filter. recommends the Miele vacuum. I think I paid $738.

    Get rid of carpets, rugs, and as much upholstered furniture as you can. They collect dander, which is what you’re actually allergic to. Don’t sleep with the animals (I know this is hard, but it will help). Keep your bedroom pet-free, with the door closed. Vacuum as often as possible with the HEPA vacuum. Wash both dog and cat once a week or once every two weeks. Again, not fun, but helps. Wipe down pets every day with a paper towel moistened with Allergy Relief or AllerPet, both available at either your vet or a pet store, or online.

    How do I know all this? I have two Siamese cats that I adore, and a boyfriend whom I also adore who is allergic to both cats and dogs. We really wanted to buy a house together, but he couldn’t even be in my (carpeted) apartment for 15 minutes before he started tearing up. And there was no way I was getting rid of the cats. So we bought the IQ Air cleaner, put it in his house, which has wood floors, pulled up the rugs, and bought a leather sofa. (Another expensive item, but vinyl — often available in thrift stores — is also an option. Or get a sofa cover you can wash on a regular basis.) Bathed both cats, brought them over to his house, and as long as they don’t go into the bedroom, he’s fine. I do vacuum the one upholstered sofa we have left (with the HEPA vac — regular vacuums just spread the dander around and make it worse), and he can now spend about an hour on it before he starts to show symptoms. So now, we can buy a house together.

    I’m not at all allergic to cats or dogs, but I am to dust, mold, and pollen, and I’ve noticed that since we’ve gotten the air cleaner, my asthma has also improved. I don’t cough nearly as much at night.

    At a bare minimum, don’t have carpet, and get the IQ air cleaner. Expensive and a pain in the butt, but I guarantee it will help the problems you’re having. Please email me directly if you have any more questions.

    And by the way, I love your blog.

  2. I have a Honeywell air purifier with a HEPA filter. My bedroom can’t be pet-free, because it’s on the way to the bathroom where the litter box is. I will likely never have $738 in my possession all at once after paying rent. I have a vacuum with allergy filtration. I don’t have carpet to begin with.

    I did just wash my cat, and got mauled pretty badly.

  3. One of my boys is allergic to the cats. They both [the boys] have asthma. The first 6 months were the worst and then his asthma / allergic reaction to the cats, plateaued out. I don’t know really what we would have done otherwise. His relationship to the cats is extraordinarily close. I think we’d have to do like you.
    Best wishes

  4. They make…and I know this sounds absolutely STUPID…”kitty wipes” for cats who wont take a bath without clawing the human’s face off. The odor is only mildly offensive.

    We have to use them with Norepinephrine, she’s about 15 pounds of solid water-terrified muscle, and bathing her in the tub isn’t distressing, it’s a fight and it’s TRAUMATIZING for all involved. So she gets catwiped. We get them at PetSmart.

    The other 2 get tub baths. I don’t think they make doggy wipes….

  5. You’ve mentioned that both your cat & dog are considered service animals. Are they officially registered as such? If so, pointing that out would probably make people like this less pushy about you keeping your pets.

  6. Whatever you can do to make your home have fewer places for dust to hide might help. Maybe you can get some help raising money for another air filter? Help with bathing the cat and dog? If you cover whatever you have that is upholstered with a big sheet kind of thing or a throw, and wash that every few days, or every week, that might help.

    People always ask me if my allergies are caused by my dog. To me this is a bizarre question, because my allergies always act up when I leave the house, not when I come home … though I am also allergic to house dust and to some animals, my own dog is not a major source of allergens, if at all. Getting rid of my dog is not an option for me, either.

    I put my bed pillows in the drier for 30 minutes or so before I go to bed on some nights, it seems to help. They say that all pillows start to grow aspergillus mold in them, they also have dust mites in them, as do all mattresses (except brand new ones). I think you can vaccum a mattress, as well as vaccuum upholstered furniture, though one thing I read said vaccuuming doesn’t help if it’s the allergic person who is actually doing the vacuuming because you end up breathing in all the stuff that gets stirred up, HEPA filter or no.

  7. …it gets worse. They refuse to even consider shots because I’m asthmatic.

    The dog is not a service animal. The cat is. I’ve had a service dog in the past but he did not work out (to put it mildly). I mentioned that the cat was a service animal, and that animals are not television sets to be thrown out when they get inconvenient, but I’m not sure if it made any impression.

  8. Sorry to hear of this, o’ one who refuses to be forgotten.

    There’s some frigging idiots in this world.

    Why do most of them end up working in services like that?

    Knee jerk reactions fuck things up, and leave a mess worse than doing it more slowly and thinking about the implications for a client.

    Hasn’t this pillock actually thought about the likely effect on your mental health if you don’t have the beings you love most where you need them the most?

    Sorry that they haven’t been prepared to think about your viewpoint. As a professional myself, I am sorry to know that such people exist with a notion that they could call themselves my colleagues. They’re no bloody colleagues of mine.

  9. I had allergy shots for years, and I’m an asthmatic. My asthma is now under control, but that did not happen until I was in my 30s. I had allergy shots in my teens, when my asthma was definitely not under control.

  10. I have allergies & asthma, and a pet rabbit who I’m allergic to. I’ve been getting shots for 2 years now, and they make so much difference! People do differ in how well they respond to shots, but hopefully you would do really well.

    My doctor pointed out that if I got rid of my rabbit (who runs free in the apartment), I would probably be able to stop all my allergy and asthma medicine. She just doesn’t get it. I’d rather suffer than lose my companion.

    I think Ms Clark’s suggestions are excellent, and might really help you.

  11. was going to say what 403 said, at least for Fey… and the dog, well, she helps you with socializing or something, isn’t she like frighteningly NT or something? … i mean they are, yeah, not like random furnitures or something. they are friends and also useful to your life.

    my friend with the no-kill cat shelter is asthmatic and nobody ever made her give up her animalitos for her asthma. never will either, you can be pretty sure.

  12. I had allergy testing 3 months ago. I was 3 on a scale of 0 to allergic to my cat (as well as certain/most trees, dust, etc.) The allergist said, “Of course I’m not going to ask you to get rid of your cat.” It’s offensive that he would say the opposite to you. I have had my cat for 7 years. That cat is not going anywhere.

    I have been sick with a cold and my cat has plopped her warm body next to me in bed for days. I cannot see banning her from the bedroom. I dislike drugs (I think the antihistimine did weird stuff), but I would try drugs before I banned the cat out of the bedroom. That’s not advice, btw, that’s just how I feel. I feel we’re on the same wavelengths. Pets are not disposable. Somebody at work even said the cat would be out of there. What kind of heartless people, geez. Hope you are breathing easier soon.

  13. Oops, my previous comment was missing info in the 1st set of parentheses .. bad edit…resending:

    I had allergy testing 3 months ago. I was 3 (on a scale of 0 to 4) allergic to my cat (as well as certain/most trees, dust, etc.) The allergist said, “Of course I’m not going to ask you to get rid of your cat.” It’s offensive that he would say the opposite to you. I have had my cat for 7 years. That cat is not going anywhere.

    I have been sick with a cold and my cat has plopped her warm body next to me in bed for days. I cannot see banning her from the bedroom. I dislike drugs (I think the antihistimine did weird stuff to me last week), but I would try drugs before I banned the cat out of the bedroom. That’s not advice, btw, that’s just how I feel about my own situation. I feel we’re on the same wavelength; pets are not disposable. Somebody at work even said the cat would be out of there. What kind of heartless people, geez. Hope you are breathing easier soon.

  14. I’m allergic to cats, and I have three of them, and I’d be bereft without them (they’re the only reason I haven’t moved to New Orleans yet). But I’m lucky; my allergies are mild, and I don’t have asthma.

    Air purifiers work wonders, and since your cat is aserviceanimal, I’d imagine there’s a provision somewhere that should allow you to get a purifier through the state or from somewhere. If they expect you to give up your friends? That’s just wrong. There must be a solution.

  15. Given that your cat is considered a service animal, there has to be some better, less drastic way to help your asthma symptoms. You and your kitty would both be traumatized by just simply getting rid of her…so I’d tell this doctor to forget about it and figure out another option. There has to be something else they can do so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of owning a cat. I’ve watched your videos on this site, and I can plainly see her usefulness to you. It’s not like she’s just lazing around doing nothing.

    My two are not service animals in the strict, literal sense, but I don’t know where I’d be without them. They’re a lot easier than dealing with most people, and they provide unconditional love and attention without requiring a ton of interaction or being completely impossible to figure out. As a fellow cat person who would be considered by some to be “on the spectrum”, I can totally see your dilemma. I hope they can find a way for you and your kitty to continue to coexist without exacerbating your asthma.

  16. It sounds like other people have already made a lot of practical suggestions. Do you think the fancy air filter would actually help? If it might, then indeed, it might be possible that it could get approved on the basis that your cat is a service animal. But still, it bothers me that your cat would need to somehow prove her utilitarian worth in order to not be deemed an object — she sounds like a family member to me, and it is ludicrous to tell someone that they need to get rid of a loved family member on the basis of allergies. There have to be other ways to treat allergies or deal with dander.

  17. I am allergic to my rats. At first, before I got allergic to them, I used to let them hide in my shirt (rats love to hide) but after I started getting itchy breasts I just let them hide on the outside of my shirt (such as in my hair or under my coat). I also used to sleep in the same room as them but stopped because I started having the kind of asthma thing where I wheeze whenever I’m not vertical. But getting rid of my rats is not an option, and in fact I’ve gotten a new rat since then (rats are social, so if one dies I get another so the surviving one won’t be lonely).
    I’m not allergic to cats, but my mom is. And we’ve had 2-3 cats for as long as I can remember (two have died and we’ve gotten two others). If Mom’s having trouble with allergies we vacuum the floor and/or wash the cats (who hate it but don’t generally hurt us – most of my cats struggled a bit, one tolerated it while keeping up his neverending purring, and one freezes up and meows in terror the whole time, too scared to move).
    Neither of us have it bad enough to go to the hospital, fortunately.

  18. Well my mums Dr told her that her collection of Teddy Bears had to go, and also our cats, neither did.

    However her asthma did kill her in the end, though I doubt if the cats had anything to with that, more likely a combination of many factors.


  19. I just wanted to add to Kassiane’s suggestion regarding the “kittywipes”. On the occassions that my cat needs a proper wash I get a warm, damp cloth and gently stroke her with it. This is tolerated far more by her than the one and only time we risked giving her a proper bath.

  20. The kitty wipes are one of the things my rescue group suggests when people want to turn pets in for allergy reasons. (Usually they just want to get rid of them and allergy is a no-blame excuse, after all you can’t help it- although I always love when people have apparently ignored the allergies for 20+ years and are moving and suddenly the allergies are too bad. Oh, and allergists who default to ‘it must be the pets’ without even testing… GRR.)

    Some people have reported success in minimizing their allergies by feeding their pets a low or no grain diet, or at least a VERY high grade kibble- something in the more natural diet seems to reduce the amount of dander and skin oils the pets produce (but it won’t help if it’s the saliva you’re allergic to.)Adding a product like Mrs Allen’s Shed Stop to their food can also get this effect.

    Can you make a bed for even one of the pets outside of your bedroom? (I couldn’t do this, I can’t sleep without Mal on my feet- I went through more Ambien in the month after I lost Wings and before he learned to sleep on the bed and help me reorient when I woke up confused about where I was than I had in the previous YEAR.) Minimizing the dander where you sleep has very beneficial effects for some people.

    If you’ve got air filters in your central heating or air system, replacing those with higher-grade ones can also help. I *did* get a very good HEPA vacuum from a local vacuum repair place for under $70, though- it’d been brought in for repairs and never picked up. It did die in just over a year, but it only cost me what I could afford at the time and it was faced with rather a lot of abuse in the way of hair(two corgis and two collies :P).


    Bathing the pets frequently may or may not be effective. A ‘no rinse’ product (so they won’t need drying- you can spritz it on with a spray bottle, rub really well with a towel, and then release them to run around and act offended) will probably work as well as anything unless you’ve got the ability to do a REALLY through groom job (ie, a power dryer.) My corgi (who is co-owned by my parents) gets taken to the do-it-yourself-groomer place every week or two and blown out with the power dryer, which is basically a leaf blower for dogs- any hair that’s THINKING about shedding out just up and blows away and he’s good for another week or two. :P But some dogs don’t like the blower- Indy has been groomed with it since he was a baby, and if you aren’t pretty comfortable wrangling dogs (or have a REALLY tolerent dog), it isn’t a lot of fun.

    If I have more ideas, I’ll check back later. Good luck, and don’t let the allergist get you down. Somewhere on the net, there’s a list of pet-friendly allergists and asthma docs- if I can find it, I’ll post the link here for you.

  21. I need to see allergist some day. I couldn’t part with my animals. I have no symptoms of allergy around them. I can tolerate them. If I had severe allergies, I wouldn’t have had them in the first place.

  22. Saw allergist today after long time with asthma/allergies not well controlled. Tried new thing. Breathing treatment. Not pneumonia but bronchitis. My cat has been ignored for almost a week. I want to brush her. Can’t make me much worse. Will wash hands well after.

    It is so frustrating not being able to breathe right. Hope you are finding a good solution with meds or some tactic to use.

  23. Nobody’s, to my knowledge, given that I haven’t engaged in any such thing, nor have I met anyone who has, although I have met several others who have been accused of it at one time or another. Hang around her long enough as an autistic person and you might get a similar accusation, whether in a milder form or not.

  24. There can be a lot of similarities in terms of actions, for example, between people on the spectrum. That does not mean that imitation is going on. For example, I like to chew on my left index finger. And I like to smell books (to get a more rounded perception of what the book’s about). I’ve seen pictures and videos of Ballastexistenz appearing, or definitely, doing both of those actions. Does that mean I am copying her, or she is copying me? Of course it doesn’t. You may as well just say somebody is copying somebody else because they are both twirling their hair, or tapping their feet in a similar way to the music.

  25. Indeed. I had a conversation with someone where I talked about my memory of rolling down hills with someone else. The person suddenly remembered a whole thing about rolling down hills that she hadn’t remembered until I mentioned it. And somehow I don’t see her as inventing that.

    The funny thing is, I have, under duress, been made to claim things about myself that were not true. The difference is, as soon as I got away from the source of the duress (both physically and psychologically), all those things about me vanished and never resurfaced. If I decided tomorrow that I was not autistic, and was no longer going to look or act autistic, etc, I would find that utterly impossible. (I know this because I’ve tried.)

  26. I’m quite sure that the only reason Mr. Best cares about any of this is because he’d like nothing better than to see Ballastexistenz as exploiting the image of a good sweet non-uppity “LFA” in order to further the nefarious political agenda of the “neurodiverse”. Never mind that logic and hard evidence are completely against Droopy’s irrational accusations.

  27. yeah… Droopy is an autistic with an attitude, with guts (to be herself, for ex.) that i admire.
    she’s made some good videos (totally different from AB’s, as both are different from Alfred’s, AspieGirl’s, ChristChurch’s, or who else’s i don’t remember…) about an autistic life being a valid kind of life.
    she’s just extremely mistaken on this whole “people are stealing my personality” thing.
    curiously this aspersion is being cast on other autistics who happen to be having the guts to be themselves… ie: also admirable; ie: also, not her.

    PS: it was me that remembered rolling down hills and it being worth getting grass allergies all over my limbs the next day (summer of 1996, i think). i had forgotten it over the course of about 10 yrs, so it was fun to remember it.
    you can’t remember everything all the time, some stuff that is not in your everyday thoughts you only remember when someone mentions something that reminds you. it is supposed to be fun -or at least curious- to find things in common with people…

  28. I think it was 1998 I was rolling down hills, so maybe I copied you. ;-)

    Actually, I copied Anna, who was showing me how to do it. I also got my Hoberman sphere toy (and a glow-in-the-dark one for Laura) because of her.

  29. I was told the exact same thing when I was a teenager and I was devastated. “Get rid of the cat, the dog, and no more working for that veterinarian…” Oh the arguments I had with my mother! I was never asthmatic but I was told my symptoms were bad enough that if I didn’t do these things, I would become asthmatic. (Never happened.) Bottom line: Do what feels right. We can only hope the rest will fall into place.

    Best of luck to you.

  30. My vet told me she’d actually been told to stop being a veterinarian because of her allergies, and she basically said “Okay, you’ve done your job in telling me that. And now for Plan B, because that’s never going to happen.”

  31. It makes one wonder how the allergist would respond if they were told, ‘you have X condition; you’ll have to quit your job, give up family member J and S, and then you’ll be ok again.’

  32. The first part of “Getting the Truth Out” was the worst and most medicalized descriptions of me I could think of. The second part was the reality as far as I could tell it. I’m not a criminal, and the only “sham” involved was that the first part is not really how anybody is (it is the wrong lens to view anyone’s life through). Maybe you ought to meet me before tossing around words like “criminal”. You might also want to meet my case manager, who could disabuse you of your bizarre claims that I’m a hired actress. (But you’ve so far offered to meet me and then not bothered — I could meet you in the office of the local developmental disabilities system if you wanted.) Unless the developmental disability service systems in two states as well as a number of other organizations are in on a neurodiversity conspiracy. ;-)

    I think you’d pretty much jump on any chance to shut me up though, whether that is by claiming I’m a clueless manipulated puppet of Kathleen Seidel or a hired actress patterning my life after a woman I’d barely heard of before two months ago.

  33. I’m not a puppet.

    I don’t perform, and I’m not paid for my advocacy work.

    My videos reflect how I look in real life at the moment. I don’t think autism severity can be measured linearly, though: I’m quite good at some things and not so good at others. I receive developmental disability services and have done so in two states, on the basis of a diagnosis that existed when I was a minor before I’d ever heard of droopy. I’ve never claimed to be severely autistic, or mildly autistic, because I don’t think the terms are meaningful, and because my life has involved too many fluctuations and too many wide variations between abilities for those to seem like useful concepts to me. I have, however, pointed out that I’ve been at times classified as low functioning. You can see some of my medical records here if you like, though.

    She barely knows me, and my guess is that she’ll claim that an old friend of hers fed me a bunch of information over the years, in collusion with an old friend of mine, neither of which is remotely true (the only information I was told was that she routinely accuses autistic people of impersonating or mocking her, I was certainly not told anything in remotely enough detail to even know her musical interests let alone the rest of it, and I frankly didn’t pay that much attention because I didn’t know her).

    As I said, though, you’re totally welcome to come to Vermont and talk to me and my case manager in the office there. He’s seen plenty of proof that I am who I say I am, or I wouldn’t be in the system. He’s even seen all the documentation of my misdiagnoses and such over the years between my initial autism diagnosis and now. Anyone is welcome to come there with me and him and try to persuade him I don’t exist. I have always extended the invitation of a visit to people who doubt my existence, but the only people who ever take me up on visits are people who believed me already.

  34. You might also want to read Let’s Play Assumption Ping-Pong, which I wrote what seems like eons ago. I often get punished for not fitting other people’s assumptions of what I mean about myself.

    When I appear on a video however I look on a given day (which, as you can see, varies from immobility to lots of movement), I’m not using that as a shorthand for “Please stereotype me based on my looks and then get mad at me when you find out I don’t fit the stereotype.”

  35. John, what you are doing is called “intimidation”…I don’t know what you think you’re going to accomplish through harassing Amanda. I am guessing that she (and other autistic adults) just break up your ideology so much that you search wildly for ways to get them to be quiet so you can go on living in your idea of how you think reality is as opposed to how it actually is.

    In the real world, people exist who cannot be easily put into a “functioning” category, whose abilities fluctuate, who might look different depending on the environment they are in. I don’t see why you have such a hard time dealing with that reality.

  36. i think it is safe to go even further and say that people in general have abilities that would fluctuate, based on the environment that you throw them into (i didn’t make this up, i read it somewhere. but it makes sense, so i think it bears repeating). things are set up to be convenient for the majority of people, so most people don’t get thrown into a lot of environments that give them all that much trouble.

    and i think that not only intimidation is happening, but also an asking of questions and saying there are no answers given, when answers are clearly and repeatedly being given, accompanied by proofs, but the answers are not being listened to or believed. i don’t even know what that’s called… closed-mindedness?

    and by the way, if trained and critically-acclaimed actors playing autistic persons in big-budget hollywood movies are routinely accused by actual autistics of “not getting it right”, how LIKELY is it that some unknown would just out of nowhere be able to act THAT autistic with THAT kind of day-in-day-out consistency, so that all sorts of authorities and her help-staff (some of whom i have personally talked to and heard over the phone) are convinced that Amanda is a disabled and autistic person?! i really think it is mind-boggling where you would have to go mentally to think that this is likely.

    PS: i think droopy is herself part of Neurodiversity, which is more an idea (and a fact) than a cohesive, organized group. i could be wrong, but i don’t think she ever un-identified herself from ‘neurodiversity’ ideas, although i think i remember her expressing a personal dislike for doing politics. which i think is a totally valid personal choice. i am not good at politics, myself, so i don’t much do it.

  37. Is this the droopy who is on youtube? (Since I found some video she made claiming Amanda is copying her life, my guess is yes.) Here’s what she says in her description of herself:

    “I am a multiply disabled autistic woman.
    I hope to show what my life is like and that being me is not so terrible and my life is actualy pretty good.”

    So, I have no doubt she is on the neurodiversity side.

  38. Hi,
    My cat’s vet is allergic to cats, and he not only works with them all day but has two in his home. He gets shots and takes allergy pills to manage his allergies. I would definitely seek another opinion. Good luck!

  39. yeah it is looking like you could get better allergy advice from vets with allergies, than from people-doctors. too bad they can’t also write prescriptions for people… (?)

  40. Hi. I was just passing through… got the link from a rocker contact. Anyway, how about acupuncture? I’ve seen complete, abrupt reversals of cat allergies. Just thought I’d mention it.

  41. I am very allergic to cats and I have 6 of them… you build up a tolerance to them when you are continously exposed. Strangely enough, I seem to be more allergic to new cats than I am to my own.
    I make sure to wash my hands after petting my cats and keep my furniture covered when I’m not using it, especially my bed and pillow.
    If the cat hasn’t bothered your allergies in 7 years I don’t think you need to worry about it and hope that no one can make you give it up. :)

  42. I knew you were a fake! I just checked out [droopy’s blog — edited out because she’s instructed me not to link to her from my site in any way]. You are atrocious! Clean up yourself now and get your own life.

  43. As I said, anyone who actually believes that should meet me and my staff and/or case manager at the place where I receive services, that’s a genuine standing offer. But anyone who actually believes that doesn’t know me all that well, since it’s my own life I’m living already, I don’t even know why I’d want hers.

    Feel free to read the “disclaimer on assumptions” page, too. But I still wonder why the people accusing me of this stuff have thus far refused to meet me.

  44. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for your courage and for putting yourself out there! I applaud your being an advocate for yourself and those like you, who I believe are at the forefront of a new way for the world to communicate.

    I am an advocate as well. I am working to provide information and support to parents and caregivers of “The Children of Today”. This is the only “label” I attach to all the children (and adults) who possess the abilities to go beyond what we consider “normal”. People who may have been labeled, ADD/ADHD, Autistic, Indigo, Crystalline, etc.

    I would like to ask you if you can help me with passing on some ideas from your point of view on how people can better support you and those like yourself. Any ideas you want to share, I will be glad to put on my blog and to talk about at my monthly support gatherings I hold for interested families. I’m just getting started and would greatly appreciate any help or advice.

    Once again, thank you for your videos and I hope you don’t mind but I featured your latest one on my blog for people to gain a better understanding of what I believe to have been true all along. You are way ahead of your time here on earth, or maybe the rest of us are lagging way behind!

    I know you are all here to help us rethink our traditional, standard, three-dimensional ways of doing things. And when we change the way we look at things, not only will the things we look at change (Dr. Wayne Dwyer) but the world will heal. Much love and gratitude to you!

  45. Thanks, but I don’t actually think we’re either new to the world or part of leading anyone anywhere in the Indigo/Crystal/etc sense. Nor is our way of experiencing the world all that new, we’ve been here pretty much as long as there have been people. A trend for diagnosing people (with various things) recently, I would certainly agree to, but not more than that.

  46. Because most of us don’t experience the world in the same way as you and those like yourself, is there something we can “do” or some way we can “be” that will allow us to understand those who communicate as you do? I guess my question is “How could I support you in your life?”

  47. I’m a life-long asthmatic who was dx in my 40’s. Allergy shots can take effect immediately, as they sure did for me. There are also meds that you may tolerate. My allergist, who did my kids first, said we should get rid of the cats. “HA!”, said I, and that was the end of that–he knew better anyway.

    We got central vac, don’t have many rugs anyway, and my 16 and 19 yr olds have mostly outgrown their bad allergies for the time being.
    Maybe, if you haven’t already (I couldnt read all the responses) you could get a second opinion about those allergy shots? And see what meds you may wish to/be able to to tolerate?

    Keep those animals, they are people too!

  48. I can’t believe people think you’re pretending, so bizarre. I hope you keep the dog and kitty, I have a weiner dog and a cat for emotional support, the dog is being trained in service tasks too. I would be so crushed to have to give them up, and so would they! People really need to realize how important pets are to people’s emotional and mental health.

  49. Researchers have recently found out that allergic reactions to cats (and dogs?) are caused by dried spit in the air (not dandruff). While grooming they coat their fur with saliva then this saliva dries it gets in the air. So one easy way to mitigate the effects is to either get them to take baths (no need for chemicals) or (as one person already suggested) simply wipe their coat as often as possible.
    Take care!

  50. It is great that you are so loyal to your pet. They love us with their entire being, but people treat them like used tissues. I have asthma also. Would it help to wear a face mask sometimes? Good luck – you’ll find a solution – and keep your cat.

  51. My son’s taking Xango and hasn’t had any allergies or asthma symptoms for the past year. You might want to try that. The shots and all aren’t easy. Good luck. You can check it out here:

  52. Pets? I don’t have “pets”. They aren’t things, or possessions. They are sentient, innocent (compared to humans) beings with complex thoughts and emotions of their own, not unlike ours at all, but “in their own language”. I am their guardian, and they are my guardians, but that’s as far as I’ll go with that sort of labelling. Many cats and dogs are counted among my dearest friends and family. (I even deeply love all the ones I have never met and will never meet.) I relate more to them than most humans and am proud to say so to anyone. My eldest passed away at 19 a few years ago… she will always be the Light of my Life. I cry every day for her, sometimes outwardly because I can’t keep it in, and other times inwardly. Love your dear ones, don’t let anyone intimidate you into giving them up, just because they can’t perceive the depth and importance of interpersonal relationships beyond human borders and boundaries. Phhffft.
    Love, Usually Unusual

  53. Hi Amanda. Here are some thoughts about allergies that might be helpful for you:
    1) It is a protein in the saliva of the animal that we are actually allergic to. The bodies of allergic folks can mistake that protein for something it’s supposed to attack, and so we get an inflammatory response. It’s not the dander or the hair, but the protein. However, when cats groom themselves and/or dogs shed, the saliva that is on their hair gets airborne. So those wipes do sound like a good idea. And for the dog, maybe he/she won’t mind a bath? I am very allergic to dogs especially big long haired dogs and once I stayed at a friend’s house and her Dad hosed down the dogs every morning (he didn’t like them shedding in the house). I never once sneezed the whole time.
    2) No carpet…if possible. That just will gather up the hairs with the saliva etc
    3) I would advocate for Austin Air (that’s a really good workhouse of a filter–a small one is perfect for a bedroom, and that’s the most important thing, to have the air clear where you sleep) for you. If you want me to, I will call them up and see if I can get them to donate a filter to you. So let me know. My boyfriend got one and all his allergies (seasonal) went away and he no longer wakes up sneezing and coughing in the spring and fall.
    4) I suspect, and would fully understand why, that you probably do not like the idea of spaying the cat or dog. However I’ve found that when the sex hormones are higher, the allergy-producing stuff is higher. I’m less allergic to spayed animals. Just a thought, but then again, people have various feelings about spaying.
    5) You are sensitive to meds so might be sensitive to herbs, but in any case: Eclectic Institute makes stinging nettles which are very good for allergies; Quercitin is a supplement that is good for allergies; and make sure you are taking magnesium. Magnesium helps fight asthma and bronchoconstriction.

    Good luck!

  54. I strongly suggest buying a Zoom Groom brush for your cat. I have one for my cats, and it removes loose hair wonderfully–meaning there’s less hair on the furniture and making hairball trouble for the cats. It’s a funny-looking rubber thing with rubber spikes on it–looks like it won’t do anything, but trust me, it does; it works better than any cat brush I’ve ever used. The flat back side can be used to remove cat hair from furniture and clothing (works wonders for the pillow the cats always sit on). But get a cat-loving friend to do the actual brushing… most likely it will cause quite a lot of allergy trouble for you if you do it yourself. Shorthaired cats twice a week; long-haired, every day.

    Good luck–and I’m quite in agreement with your refusal to abandon the cat. I wouldn’t abandon mine, either, no matter how allergic I got.

  55. How can any one say ‘just give up your dog/cat’ as if they are an object.. and surely the creature should have some say in where they get to live too..
    I’m sure the cat and dog don’t want to leave.

  56. I have an athma attack. My mother had wanted to get rid of my new kitten , the doctor also had told me that cats could trigger the attack. I do not want to throw him away.

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