Daily Archives: January 16, 2007

HELP! (Mailservers.)


Can anyone help autistics.org set up the following mailserver system (I’m copying this directly off a piece of paper Laura handed me yesterday):

Mailsystem using
(secure pop3, IMAP)
Integrated w. virtualmin GPL
on a debian sarge system.

Portions have been haved at/butchered, but productively (i.e., to my knowledge I got things more toward configuration, not less

We can maintain the system after it’s set up, but Laura is saying it’d take her months to a year with a good deal of support and assistance (and she has none at all) to even begin to be able to set it up. We’d want someone capable of working with the entire thing while setting it up for us, and not someone who’d just try to muddle through it, but someone with enough experience not to screw it up.