Daily Archives: December 25, 2006

International Autistic Complaints Choir


AutismDiva’s place is where I first heard of the complaints choir concept, which is basically organized griping set to music.

The people at autistics.org want to organize an international autistic complaints choir, not tied to a location but to autistic people anywhere (and the music would all be coordinated by net too, but first we have to have the complaints — both large and small-scale things — so they can be written into music).

To see what a complaints choir is, go here. (That site also describes the process that usually goes into creating them, starting with getting complaints to people. And has videos of four complaints choirs with captions in English.)

Feel free to submit complaints etc on the following board we’ve created for that purpose (and it has links to the videos of two of the complaints choirs).

Please also spread the word anywhere you think autistic people might be interested, and point back to that bulletin board.