Daily Archives: December 18, 2006

autistics.org forums are back.


The autistics.org forums are back up and running.

They include a forum called Support for Children of Curebies. Which is exactly what it sounds like. I’ve run into a lot of people online who do not want to be cured, but whose parents want to cure them. That’s a place for them to meet. It’s open to only autistic people, but be aware that it’s the Internet, our screening techniques are not perfect, etc.

If you are autistic and want to be added to the autistic usergroup (which will allow you access to that forum), IM me (I’m silentmiaow) and I’ll add you. Autistic in this case means anything considered autistic “spectrum”, diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Also — THIS IS A SEPARATE TOPIC ENTIRELY AND NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AUTISTICS.ORG FORUM — this topic has links to where to find text-only Second Life software.