Daily Archives: December 5, 2006

Tuesday night discussions on Second Life


Every Tuesday night, the Autistic Liberation Front group on Second Life holds discussions, at 8:30 PM Eastern time (5:30 PM Second Life time). Discussions are open to autistic people (diagnosed or not), other neuro-atypical people, and allies.

The current discussion topic, long-overdue, is “Conflict and Controversy in the Autistic Community: Finding Common Grounds”.

The discussion is held in the Tesla Room, coordinates are Porcupine (80,206,107). You can usually IM Muskie Marquette, Natasha Shatzkin, or me (Alfhild Briers) for a teleport, provided we’re online at the time. (Edit: Muskie might not be there, she didn’t sleep last night. The meeting will still happen.)