Daily Archives: November 25, 2006



The following is all I managed to write about aspification (at least all I can find at the moment), in a file dated June 2004:

Aspification is many-lookinged thing. Aspification is a stereotype. It first takes a stereotype. First stereotype. First stereotype is. Of stereotype aspie. Aspie meaning not word I believe in. Aspie meaning stereotype. Stereotype aspie social awkward quirky brilliant person. Stereotype aspie has job. Stereotype aspie is geek. Stereotype aspie has good verbal skills. People not want autistics speak up for ourselves. All autistics speak up get aspified. Aspified is to make in head like aspie stereotype. Aspified is erase me. Aspified is even erase people more fit stereotype. Aspified erase all. Aspified is erasure.

Obviously not one of my best days for constructing full sentences, but that’s what I wrote. I did not get into all the complexities, and never seem to have been able to when writing about the topic, but that’s what I’ve got on it so far. I didn’t mean it as only something imposed from without, though, because the autistic community is plenty good at aspification in its own right (although it probably wouldn’t be without other pressures). But that’s what I’ve managed to say about it.