Daily Archives: November 15, 2006

Cat update


For those who asked: The cat is doing fine. Her problem appears to have been either fleas (brought in from the dog, or humans) or allergies or both. She’s now hiding under the bed looking doped up, but hopefully will be feeling better soon. Here’s a picture of her:

sick cat hiding under the bed

To the person who paid the vet bill: Thank you. A lot. That really means a lot that I could actually get my cat checked out and treated today. I really don’t get why people claim autistic people lack compassion, after the amount of people I’ve seen willing to assist with things like vet bills in this community.


If I don’t post today.


I’ve just found out that $200 of my money has been spent in ways I didn’t authorize. There’s something wrong with my cat, she’s got a large bald patch and twitches violently whenever I touch anywhere near it. My dog has peed all over the apartment after I started crying about that. I haven’t slept all night. If I don’t post today, that’s why.