Daily Archives: September 6, 2006



I’ve been using a picture of a stork as one of my icons on LJ for awhile. The reason has nothing to do with babies (except perhaps, tangentially, those of us who have been stereotyped as black stork babies). I described my reasoning in what I wrote for AutCom, as part of an explanation of why flexibility is so important in services.

Storks do not fly long distances under their own wingpower. What they do, is catch hot air currents called thermals, and use them to assist their flight. This does not mean that they don’t do any work, but that they have to keep track of exactly where to concentrate their work, among a shifting mass of air currents.

Well… that seems to be how my mind works. There are all sorts of things equivalent to thermals: Perception, movement, communication, language, contemplation, etc. They’re always shifting around, and I can’t always be certain that something’s going to be there at any given time, or what form it will take when it’s there. I have to plan my life around this kind of unpredictability.

This does not mean that I am simply carried around without having to do any work, but it does mean that there are some areas where, for that moment, all the work in the world won’t do much of anything but wear me out, and other areas where the work I put in goes further. It also means that what I set out to do isn’t always what’s going to happen, and when it does happen it can be through a roundabout sort of route.

Storks suit me better than spoons, even colored ones, at any rate.