Daily Archives: August 30, 2006

AutCom update


I’m going to be presenting as part of a panel on “Real Supports: What Helps, What Doesn’t”. I was told the other panelists’ names by Phil Schwarz (so blame his bad memory, not mine), who told me that the other panelists are: Phil Schwarz, Barb Moran, and a guy whose name he couldn’t remember. Four of us total so far.

I already know Phil. I don’t know Barb Moran (except in the “friend of a friend” sort of way), but I’ve written snailmail to her once in the past because of a great chapter she did in the book Sharing Our Wisdom. I look forward to hearing what she has to say about supports, especially as a fellow institution survivor who writes very well about the environment in those places (which, although 30 or 40 years apart from my experiences, differs little from the environments I saw). I also look forward to meeting the other guy even though I have no clue who he is since Phil didn’t know. All I know is he uses FC.

I do not look forward to the fact that I’m now writing a mini-speech at the same time as trying to pack and make arrangements for my animals. Laura thinks I have lost my mind and says pretty soon she’s going to pretend not to know me, presumably in the middle of a meltdown. But I’m oddly looking forward to this all anyway. Regardless of the fact that, if I had any hair, I’d be tearing it out in a few days.