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Want more contributors to Getting the Truth Out


I never intended Getting the Truth Out to just be about me. It ended up that way in part because midway through promoting it and trying to do various stuff, I ended up without consistent Internet access for a couple months. (First living on the streets for a few days then relocated to a studio apartment with no phone line and a constantly-there roommate, parrot, etc — long story, but not conducive to getting anything done online.)

I’d like other contributors as well.

The format should have a few loose elements in common with the format I used: There should be an introductory section that shows you in the most pathological light you can manage (but still realistic to your life), and then it should switch somewhere along the line to your actual political views about autism.

And your actual political views don’t have to be absolutely identical to mine, but pro-cure stuff isn’t going to be posted on that site, nor is stuff that’s hateful towards some kinds of autistic people. (If you want to talk about how wonderful HFA/AS people are and how awful LFA people are, or vice versa, find somewhere else to do it.)

If you have trouble making photographs into black and white or resizing them, I can do that for you.

Also the pathologized part should be realistic. As in, it should be stuff that really could be said about you if someone were to sit around and pick you apart as if you had a disease. I could not say, for instance, that I smear feces, because I don’t and never have (even if I’ve done other “bizarre” stuff with bodily functions, which I have), but if you do (or did) you could mention that if you wanted.

And for the pathologized part, it doesn’t have to be a portrayal of the exact same stereotype I’m portraying. One person I know is thinking of doing one that focuses a good deal on her sad lack of a social life and the fact that she’ll never marry and spends most of her time interacting with a computer. The point is to definitely portray yourself, but portray yourself in a way that’s warped by that pathological, medicalized, destructive, tragic view of autism we all know too well. (An example of a non-disabled person doing that to himself for the purposes of making a point, is here.)  And then after you’ve done that for a bit, to discuss your real viewpoints about being autistic and what that means to you.
It also doesn’t need to be as long as mine.

The format I’m planning on, is to have a page that has one picture of each person who is on the site, along with a name. (It can be a real name or a pseudonym, just let me know which.) Then a person can click on any picture they want in order to get “that person’s story”. Told at first in a pathologized and third-person way (“She,” “This person,” etc, not “I”) and then in the first person once you get past that switching point. (Again, same general structure as what I did, but different photos and different things being said.) The reason I’m asking for realism is because one of the first things people can say is “But none of that is true,” and I don’t want to give them a chance.
So if anyone’s interested, my email address is the same as:


Take out the http:// at the beginning and the / at the end. Then turn the first . into an @ and you get my email address.

Oh, and for those who don’t know yet, Getting the Truth Out was a reaction to the site http://www.gettingthewordout.org. More of my reasoning is explained in the article Autistics Speak. (The anonymity had to be partially dropped. But the reasons for the initial anonymity are explained there, as well as much of the reasoning behind the site.) So if anyone wants to contribute, please email, it’s not supposed to just be a site with one person on it.