Booklist updates, and questions about where to get some of these.


I have updated the autistic authors booklist in two ways. One, is I’ve added more books. Another is that I’ve tried to go through and link to the websites of authors. I’d been linking to some when I remembered to, but this time I’ve done it systematically.

Also, a question. Does anyone know how I, in America, can get a copy of Joffrey Bouissac’s book? His website says, Mon livre “Qui j’aurai été” est UNIQUEMENT distribué par l’association”Autisme Alsace”. Great. So it’s only available through that one organization. And that organization’s website cheerfully informs me that it doesn’t accept international orders, right before crashing my browser entirely.

I also can find only one reference, anywhere, to John Brine having published a book called It’s the Only Dance I Know. I certainly can’t find where to obtain said book.

Anyway, here are the books that have been added (anything in strikethrough is a book by the same author that was already on the list):

  • Axel Brauns
    1. Buntschatten und Fledermäuse. Leben in einer anderen Welte. (2002)
    2. Kraniche und Klopfer (2004)
    3. Tag der Jagd (2004)
  • John Brine
    1. Confusion, Loneliness, Depression: Asperger’s Syndrome – A Journey (2000) – with Patricia Brine, later retitled Two-Stepping in a Waltz World
    2. It’s the Only Dance I Know (2006)
  • Eric Y. Chen
    1. Mirror Mind: Penetrating Autism’s Enigma (200?)
  • Kasper Bastholm Elsvor
    1. En helt anden verden – En beretning af en ung mand med Aspergers syndrom (1996)
    2. Dødseksperimentet (2000)
  • Will Hadcroft
    1. Anne Droyd and Century Lodge (2004)
    2. The Feeling’s Unmutual: Growing Up With Asperger Syndrome (Undiagnosed) (2005)
  • Roger Meyer
    1. Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook: An Employment Workbook for Adults with Asperger Syndrome (2001)
    2. Group Experiences for Asperger Syndrome Adults – What’s in it for Me? (FUTURE)
  • J. Kevin Vasey
    1. The Road Trip: Life with Autism (2005) – with Gloria Pearson-Vasey

Here are the authors whose websites I finally linked to (including authors I added today), note not all are in English, authors in bold are from articles in anthologies rather than full books:

I am now too exhausted to continue searching out webpages for this. (Yes, I find switching windows on a computer to be cognitively strenuous, go figure.) So that’s where I’ve stopped today.

About Mel Baggs

Hufflepuff. Came from the redwoods, which tell me who I am and where I belong in the world. I relate to objects as if they are alive, but as things with identities and properties all of their own, not as something human-like. Culturally I'm from a California Okie background. Crochet or otherwise create constantly, write poetry and paint when I can. Proud member of the developmental disability self-advocacy movement. I care a lot more about being a human being than I care about what categories I fit into.

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  1. I’ve ordered a copy of Chen’s book (it said limited edition, so I realized I’d better order it) so I will find out when it gets here what year it was written in. I couldn’t find reference to the year on the website.

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