Dare To Resist


Someone recently posted something with so many assumptions contained within it that I questioned, that while I wanted to respond to it, I really couldn’t. It required too many word-angles at one time. One of those assumptions was about the attitudes other people have towards autistic people when we are seen in public, and how inevitable they are, and how they’re somehow the responsibility of the autistic people (especially if we like being autistic, and/or especially if we could suppress the difference but don’t, and it was difficult to tell if these two things were being considered the same thing or not, but it sure seemed like it at times).

At any rate, in response to part of that, instead of doing the thorough dissection I long to do (but lack the current language skills for), I’ll post a link to Project Cleigh: Dare To Resist! (they are even selling t-shirts now).

Project Cleigh is about those little acts of degradation that disabled people (among many, many other people) encounter on a regular basis. Cal Montgomery got a lot of responses to her original article on the topic, and has discussed them in her most recent (Dare to Resist) article. They’re worth a look. And she’s still collecting more submissions. (I just sent in a whole bunch today, although I have trouble distinguishing from little acts and big acts.)


About Mel Baggs

Hufflepuff. Came from the redwoods. Crochet or otherwise create constantly and compulsively. Write poetry and paint when I can. Developmentally disabled, physically and cognitively disabled. I'm not really part of any online faction or another, even ones that claim me as a member. The thing in the world most important to me is having love and compassion for other people, although I don't always measure up to my own standards there by a longshot. And individual specific actions and situations and contexts matter a lot more to me than broadly-spoken abstract words and ideas about a topic. My father died in 2014 and that has changed my life a lot in ways that are still evolving, but I wear a lot of his clothes and hats every day since he died and have shown no sign of stopping soon.

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